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Who We Are

High Meadow Builders is a customer-oriented (experienced and knowledgeable) company specializing in remodeling and light commercial construction. Founded by Don Collins in 2002 our desire is to deliver products that would be as beautiful as they were useful. Over a period of 16 years, High Meadow Builders has grown into a seasoned business with a strong leadership team.

Philip Webster, General Manager, came to High Meadow Builders in 2009 as an experienced carpenter with an excellent work ethic, organizational skills, and committed to customer service. Philip started in the trades at a very early age working with his father in concrete construction. He holds an Associate's Degree in Business Management and is EPA and OSHA 10 Certified. Philip is the contact as a scope of work is designed, a quote is crafted, the project progresses and is brought to completion.

Bob Wyand, Office Manager, began at High Meadow Builders in 2015 after serving as a church pastor for 28 years. He is the son of a construction plumber and holds a Bachelor's Degree from Bentley University. Also committed to customer service, he is the guide throughout the process from contract, change orders and billing.

Jeremiah Munroe, Operations Manager, started at High Meadows Builders 2016. He has been in the industry for 20 years, including owning his own painting company in Florida. His job is to organize our friendly team of craftsmen, skilled in a variety of areas including carpentry, tile, drywall, and painting. He will make sure the right person at the right time is on your project.

High Meadow Builders continues to mold into its company culture the ethic of high quality, fair price, communication, good will and high customer satisfaction. Our goal is giving our best for every project.  


What You Can Expect

High Meadow Builders will begin your job and finish it quickly with few interruptions. We understand that construction in your home, while you are living there, can be daunting. There is dust, noise and the disruption of your daily routines-but we do our best to make it easy. We cover and protect your floors; isolate construction areas from dust and dirt; and make a minimum amount of clutter. Also, we don't linger!

Our workers are efficient, neat and safe. We clean up after ourselves: no trash will be left at the end of the day and our staging areas will be left clean. We carry Business Liability Insurance and all employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. Copies of the insurance policies are available upon request. The company is EPA Lead Safe Certified. We have outstanding references.

Our typical work day starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, to meet our deadlines we may work earlier and later with your permission. Sometimes late deliveries, weather or sick crew members will hinder us but we will keep you informed if our schedule changes.

Our contracts are clear and easy to understand. Most of our pricing is fixed with the caveat that we can't tell you the cost if we can't see the problem. Sometimes we uncover rot or conditions that don't meet code or sound structural requirements. If that happens we will discuss the problem with you, outline our suggestions and receive your approval before proceeding. All price changes will be discussed up front and a written (email) approval will be secured before additional work is performed.


Always Excellent Service & A+ Quality Work

On Time, On Budget    Decisions and Design    Craftsmanship

Do you want to make sure the cost fits your budget? We believe that presenting you with the best information available will help you make the best decision about the work that need to be done. We make sure you know what you are getting before we begin any job, by providing a clear, concise and easy to understand contract. We also deliver our services at our contracted prices. 

Not sure how to get started, or perhaps you know exactly what you need. We can help either way. We can help you make decisions about design, color selections, and fixtures - or you can tell us just what you want and we will deliver. Need it simple, we will do it. If you are leaning toward elegance and sophistication we can help you with that as well. 

We are proud of what we do. Our employees are skilled craftsman and more: They are personable, neat and work carefully in your home. We protect floors with drop cloths, contain dust within the work area and minimize the disruption of your household. Our subcontractors (electrical and plumbing) are on time and efficient so the work goes smoothly and we keep to schedules. There is no waiting for other subcontractors because we do the rest, from demolition to the final paint.